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What to expect from a Primark interview?

I have an interview with Primark this week for a position as a retail operative. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect? Has anyone worked for Primark before and know how the interview process is like? Will this be a group interview or a one to one? What kind of questions will they ask?

Thanks :)

One Response to “What to expect from a Primark interview?”

  1. Jenny says:

    I worked at primark as a sales advisor, serving customers and stocking up the clothes etc. My interview was simple they just ask your knowledge of primark, like they’re a popular nationwide store, known for good priced clothes. Font say cheap!!! They ask who you think is competitive just say an expensive store. And it was just one to one, not sure if yours would be different. Also if they ask why you think they sell so cheap say because they dont use big advertisement


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