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What questions do they ask in a Primark interview?

I’m off for an interview for Primark in Harrogate tomorrow.
Never had a proper interview before so what should I do?
HELP PLEASE thank you!

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  1. toyc0x says:

    Mine was a little different than the other answers, But I guess it depends on what store your applying for, The interview process for a bigger store, for example, London would probably be alot different and more of a group-based thing rather than a small store such as the one I applied for, and depending on the time for example, at Christmas they will hire in big groups. I just went in and they sat me in the staff canteen whilst I waited and asked me to fill in a form, this was just basic questions i.e my name, address, N.I number (so make sure you have that) Then a lady came and took me to the office where my interview was being held and she asked me a handful of questions that was it! She asked me things such as What experience do you have related to this role? What have you done to deliver good service? What do you think is good customer service? Have you ever shopped at primark before? (she asked this when I was basically wearing half of primarks stock room haha) And then she asked me if I’ve ever given a presentation? I don’t think this was anything to do with the job role itself as I was just a basic shopfloor assistant tidying up the mess, but I think it just shows that you have some confidence speaking infront of people, but just say yes you gave one at school, thats what I did and she said that was ok :) Its all pretty easy at Primark as they have alot of young girls working there and understand its probably most of their first jobs, so they’re pretty nice and easy with you! Good luck, I’m sure you#ll do fine!

  2. Ashley says:

    This was asked on another Yahoo question and this question was answerd. Note:This isn’t my answer: i had mine today, and basically it was a group interview. we were all sat down in the room and given a briefing by a lady who works with primark. we were asked a little on the history (so do a bit of research) and then she told us everything we needed to know if we were to get the job, such as: rates of pay, available positions, what to wear, induction days etc. Then we were all lead to an interview room – for a one on one. It wasnt my first job interview (my second) and the environment was very calm and helped me feel relaxed, the lady i was with was very nice and considerate also (she encouraged me to answer questions fully) I was asked the normal – tell me a little about yourself, why do you want to work here? what are primark’s main competitors? When have you helped someone? Give me an example of when you have worked in a team. The whole thing lasted just under an hour (about 50mins) although it varied from person to person, depending on how detailed each person chose to answer their questions. hope this helped, and good luck!! dont worry about it, it really isnt as bad as you think!! :)


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