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Is This Food Poisoning? Or Indigestion/ibs?

For lunch I had half a ploughmans sandwich ready made bought from tesco, it’s expiry date was 20 July
Now I feel a little nauseous and have some flatulence and cramps
I feel a little hungry at times but not really that hungry
And finding it difficult to go to the loo despite flatilence
It’s been about 5 hours since I’ve had the sandwich

2 Responses to “Is This Food Poisoning? Or Indigestion/ibs?”

  1. Prezigha Fafi says:

    non of the above. but it is because you are not used to eating that type of food frequently. you should be okay by tomorrow. if not meet your local doctor .

  2. Joe says:

    Doesn’t sound like food poisoning. (If it was, your body would be expelling it from one end or the other; or both ends.) Maybe a little indigestion; perhaps an ingredient in the sandwich disagreed with you.


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