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Is it THAT very easy to get a job at Primark?

I keep hearing from others in forums that people who are working at Primark and used to say they were recruited very easy?

Is this definately true, do you work at Primark, in your opinion, did they employ you that easily?

I’m asking this as I have an interview with them on Thursday.

Should I worry?

4 Responses to “Is it THAT very easy to get a job at Primark?”

  1. Rebecca R says:

    Three of my friends applied for a job in Primark recently and only one of them got it. I think its an interview you need to really prepare for, as they ask a LOT of questions, ill give examples of their questions soon. Also, staff get paid an alright wage but dont recieve any perks like a staff discount as you would get in other clothing stores. But just try and practice interview questions and try and appear friendly and confident and you should be fine… example questions… when have you passed information from one group of people to another? what is your greatest achievement? whatt do you see as great customer service? cant remember any more but that should help a bit. Good luck!

  2. KooKoo Molookoo says:

    Its easy if you have a bit of a mouth on you, to shout through crowds of pikeys. If you dont, that’s a good thing, frankly you should be less offended if they don’t offer you the job

  3. pieman66 says:

    I’ve got tears running down my face (hilarious) from the answer that said you need a mouth on you to work there.

  4. amy‚ô• says:

    i think it’s hard to get a job now. i’ve been rejected from 20 in the last 8 or so months. just be you in your interview, be outspoken and confident. i’m sure you’ll get it.