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How To Check Absconding Banned For Dubai Uae?

I was working in Dubai with one of the Travel & Tourism company, but due to some harassment frustration, anger and Depression by the management i have left the company without informing to my Employer, I have to get some amount from the company in the shape of Airlines vouchers and in the shape of airlines rewards which i have earned during my service.
When upon asking the same with management, the management ignored saying that it is the company policy the rewards and vouchers will not be entitled to the employee, and that time i was badly need of some money, i have taken some amount from the company Account without knowing to the management and without informing to the management.
Upon my arrival back to my home town i got the information from one of my friend stating that the company has Cancelled my visa and Employement Card and booked the case against me in the shape of Absconding, i would really want to know is the company has filed a case against me, is company has banned me travelling to Dubai UAE.
If so how should i be going to check is real I’m booked in Abscoding or not , and if so what would be the charges do i have to pay to Dubai UAE government clearing the case or lifting the band.
What is the punishment I’ll go to receive if the case is really booked,
How should i be going to get clear the case, is there any way out entering into Dubai UAE once again and securing the employment bring back to normal life.
How this would be possible, Anyways under Dubai UAE law or the act to clear such cases.
Hope to hear the usefull answer and seek assistance getting the things to get known clean and clear.

One Response to “How To Check Absconding Banned For Dubai Uae?”

  1. JynxGirl says:

    If this story is true how you have told it and theft is also involved with absconding, my guess would be this is a lifetime absconding case that you will never be able to remove. It is a criminal record case and they will not lift the absconding case that your previous employer filed.


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